Sydney Shape-up t-shirt SS (white w. AO print) W

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Sydney Shape-up T-shirt short-sleeved

This tightly fitted tech-shirt is constructed to maximize the athlete’s performance. We have improved the fit entirely to match the expectations to what a tech-shirt should do: Keep you warm, when cold, keep you cool, when warm, and keep you feeling dry and comfortable throughout exercise. Sydney shape-up is made from a thin, lightweight, silky soft material, which provides maximum stretchability and reduces odor due to the combination of carefully selected fibers and knitting techniques. You can wear and wash* without your Sydney shape-up loses its shape, colors or its freshness

Design: Sydney Shape-up S/S tech-shirt with V-neck, white/white for women is provided with a 2 cm wide side-sleeve- and shoulder stripe in mesh and a 2 cm edging at the sleeves

*Make sure to follow the directions for maintenance carefully which follows all Athletes Own products when you receive it from us.

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About our products

Athletes Own© sportswear is designed and produced in Denmark. Our priorities are welfare, wellness, environment, and sustainability in our design and production. And this is how we do things:

We believe that sport and art belong together as a cultural manifest on a constant move. And yes, we create fashion as well. Indeed, we make our mark on the international rowing scene.

We launch new collections for our webshop and pop-up-tent every second or third year. Every launch contains 5 or 6 new designs covering eg. combat suits, T-shirts, tights, capris and shorts. This means that you can get your favorite piece of art-wear during a period of at least five years. Our best pieces we maintain forever on stock. It’s your decision what to keep and what has to go.

Our fabrics are produced in Italy and are tested after ECO-tex 100 standards. No itchy stuff is used to make, knit or color our fibers.

We use mainly microfibres,  polyamide and elastane to maintain maximum stretchability, sweat transporting and temperature regulating effect and to prevent bad smell after use or wash. We only use polyester in our white stripes and trimmings, to prevent bleeding from other garments.

Every Athletes Own garment bearing the logo “Made in Denmark” is, of course, made in Denmark. Our supplier in Struer, Jutland, is a third-generation family based company, who secures us a production where our code of conduct concerning Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and fair trade are respected after Danish law.

Due to the short distance and fast shipment between our suppliers, us and our users, we have no use for chemicals to prevent damages to either fabrics or garments due to long term transportation in various temperatures over sea or land.

When delivering to our customers and clients, we use the fastest shipment.

Design and production secure a long-term durability for an Athletes Own product. We work in terms of min. 5 years for design and 5000 km (of rowing) for durability (wear and tear) of production when handled after our instructions.

This means that an Athletes Own product is fit for vintage, and this is especially highly recommended by our customers and clients, who have young and still growing rowers in their care.


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