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What makes rowing so great?

Rowing is a sport for mind and body. Mindfulness and bodywork in one and the same stroke with the oar. Rowing is teamwork and companionship. We move the ship together in one massive force. Rowing brings the world together. That is why you’re here with us reading this.

Through the social medias we express our passion for the sport. We share our joy and proudness, our victories and defeats and our love.

Instagram @Just Rowing has created a platform, where we share all this with you and over 60.000 other followers.

And we, Athletes Own, has fallen in love with this wonderful idea of sharing tidings and experience amongst rowers around the world. To endorse this passion we have, together with Just Rowing, created a unisuit – a Combat suit, as we prefer to call it, for you to show the world and share with other rowers what this sport is about.

Take part in the movement. Let’s celebrate rowing as the greatest and cleanest sport of them all. For body and soul. For young and old. For everyone.

Get your Just Rowing Combat suit or -Combat dress now. Then move, perform and transform. Then share your practice and best moments by posting your picture at Instagram @JustRowing and @Athletesown

Who and what are Athletes Own?

We’re a company founded in 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark by rowers. We design and produce body wear for rowing especially but are also fitted to suit athletes in running, jumping, dancing, gymnastics and yoga.

Our products are designed and made in Denmark and as such you can be assured of an environmental code of conduct. We are at all times committed to maintain a clean and sustainable production.