Sportswear for Athletes by Athletes

About us

Athletes Own®  is a sportswear brand, founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2010 by four rowers.

Our goal is to develop the ultimate clothing for maximal performance, and rowing is our winning game and first priority. But you can run and hop as well, in Athletes Own Sportswear.

For an athlete there’s always room for improvement and we are in constant progress and development for better solutions, higher standards and stronger designs to improve our products.

Who we are

Juliane Elander Rasmussen

Partner and rower
Juliane has participated in four Olympics (Athens, Beijing, London and Rio) so far and she’s still going. Her best result until now is 4th place at the London Olympic Games 2012 in the lightweight women’s doublescull. Juliane is married to Olympic Champion 2012, Mads Rasmussen, and the mother of two. Juliane takes care of your wishes and demands in Athletes Own.

Sarah Haubro Lauritzen

Partner and rower
Three times Olympian, Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004. Sarah is married to National Team Coach, Mads Haubro, and they have two children. Sarah haunts the domestic rowing scene and are still among the leading ladies in the national indoor rowing championships.  Like Juliane, Sarah takes care of your wishes and demands when you contact Athletes Own.

Antonie Lauritzen

Partner and rower
Antonie is educated at The Danish Design School and has during 40 years of hard work and spectacular designs become a renowned clothes designer in Denmark. Antonie started her rowing career in the prime of her life and continued in the decades to come. While doing that she designed and improved the rowing suit for the Danish elite and National Team for over the next 18 years. Antonie is married to Peter Munch, who’s graphic works decorates our webside, posters and flyers. Antonie is the mother of two, and yes Sarah is her daughter. Antonie takes care of design and production in Athletes Own.